• The Brooklyn-based "gifted alto saxophonist and composer with the gorgeous tone" (JAZZTIMES) has found a voice within a variety of projects, including the Grammy nominated Either/Orchestra, throughout his critically-acclaimed albums for Sunnyside Records (NYC) and Fresh Sound New Talent (Barcelona), and on over 20 recordings as a sideman. His PLAINVILLE project "openly embraces the rock, folk, and country sounds he heard in his youth" (DOWNBEAT, 4 stars), recently producing "one of the year’s most slyly inviting jazz albums” (NY TIMES). Udden has performed with Bob Brookmeyer, Steve Lacy, Gunther Schuller, Matt Wilson, Andrew D'Angelo's DNA Band, and "Ethio-Jazz" legend Mulatu Astatke, among many others, in Europe, China, Africa, and around the US.


New Old Timers

A little fun yesterday with the New Old Timers

Playing this Wednesday at Barbes – 8pm!

Peter Cancura – tenor/C-melody

JU – alto/C-melody

Aryeh Kobrinsky – bass

Richie Barshay – drums

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September ’14

Lots coming up, and lots of new music being written these days!

The “Music Player” above has new tracks.  Linked to Soundcloud now, I will be updating this regularly.

Hush Point with John McNeil will release a new album on Sunnyside in October – CD release at Smalls on October 24th.

Sketches will release a new album on October 14th @ Korzo.

BELLEVILLE QUINTET will release a new album on Sunnyside-France w. Nicolas and Robert Stillman soon.

And new music is brewing with Petr Cancura, Richie Barshay, Jeremy Flower, Mike Baggetta.

And I am fully writing the next PLAINVILLE record as well – with the goal of recording in January!

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August ’14

I am energized.

Lot’s of music being created, thought of, played, written, practiced.

I just took the longest hiatus from playing in recent memory. I tend to take about a week off once per year – it sort of clears the mental cobwebs and is good for my hands (been dealing with tendonitis off and on since ’96). This was different, though. I got married (yay!), so spent time reconnecting with old friends and family, then 10 days decompressing in Jamaica.   It is important to remember who you are outside of music (I don’t want to make music about music) – I have certainly done that in the last few weeks and I feel grateful to have done so.

I’m now back. Practicing very basic things and loving it. Producing sounds, overtones, scales, improvisations. Reconnecting with Steve Lacy’s Findings book. Going to John McNeil’s house almost every day and shedding with him – getting at fundamental stuff, and more advanced stuff as well. I feel invigorated! Fresh! I am so grateful to have the time for this right now!  I feel like I’m in high school.  Discovering the saxophone every day.

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May is busy with writing, recording, and mastering.  Here’s a few highlights:

Had a great invitation only “open rehearsal” in Brooklyn last night w. Hush Point.  The music is feeling fresh and getting tighter and tighter – all in preparation for our recording this month, to be released in the fall on Sunnyside Records.  It feels good to focus so much on one record – John and I get together to shed regularly.  Go jazz!

I am finally mastering and finishing up my project with Nicolas Moreax and Robert Stillman for the French-American Jazz Exchange – with dates and a release to come in the fall.

Did my first gig with the Gibson Maestro with RJ Miller, Dov Mansky, and Aryeh Kobrinsky – much more on that later, including tracks to post.  My electro rig is building.  We’ll see where it takes me.  Much more to come!





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april 2014

exciting things in the works these days, so, in no particular order, here is what’s happening…

This past week the group Sketches went into the studio to record Volume II.  I am happy to say that we had an incredibly productive 8 hour recording session, resulting in 10 new tracks (2 for each band member).  Looking forward to this release in the fall.

Hush Point (w. John McNeil, Aryeh Kobrinsky, Vinny Sperrazza) is writing, rehearsing, and gigging in preparation of our second release for Sunnyside Records – which should come out in later 2014.

I was honored to play with the Frank Carlberg Sextet at the Jazz Gallery this past week – I am proud to be featured the record Big Enigmas with Frank (piano), Christine Correa (voice), Matt Moran (vibes), John Carlson (trumpet), John Hebert (bass), Mike Sarin (drums).  What a band!

I am mastering and finishing up my project with Nicolas Moreax and Robert Stillman for the French-American Jazz Exchange – with dates and a release to come in the fall.

Though we’ve been on a break, I am currently writing a new Plainville record – actually dabbling with lyrics, and new instruments like the lyricon and a new amplified saxophone setup – more to come!

Also writing for some various trio combinations – maybe different records or maybe a “trios” record.  I am being patient and seeing what music comes out first.

Also projects are brewing with Mike Baggetta (ambient duo music),  Petr Cancura (rehashing an Ethiopian project and a recording our folk/fiddle music project), as well as finally recording my trio with Ziv Ravitz and Ben Monder.

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